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Pirelli Angel GT Tire Review: after 8k miles

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There are hundreds of tire choices out there for your bike, but which one is the right one? The Pirelli Angel GT tires are a great fit for every street bike hands down. It does not matter if you ride an overweight sport tourer or are rockin an SV650 these tires will blow your mind. This is technically a sport touring tire, but it can do so much more than just eat up miles. Check out the links at the end of this review to get a set for your bike.

I have had a set of Pirelli Angel GT tires on my ZX6R for almost eight thousands miles now. I put on approximately ten thousand miles or more on my ZX6R every year so I throw on a lot of different sets of tires.The Angel GT tires have truly impressed me. I have been shocked at the performance and the amount of miles I’ve been able to get out of this set and they still have plenty of life left in them. In the dry weather these tires hook up with the pavement just as good as a full on sport tire.  They provide great feedback letting you know when you are getting close to the limits. I have experienced a minor shimmy in the front tire going down a mountain under braking and thought to myself, “this is the limit back off”, but continued to press hard. A few corners later felt the front slide under braking, but it never tucked I simply relieved some front brake pressure and began to roll on the throttle out of the corner. I was fully loaded down with gear for a trip coming down a steep twisty mountain road braking hard and tipping into the corner of a switchback turn. I was asking a lot out of that front tire and it was letting me know that I was at the limit and even when I proceeded past that limit it was easy to recover. The Bridgestone tires I have ran in the past never provided feedback like that when I was at the limit.

They get hot and grip so good!

The real test was the three thousand mile trip in some of the twistiest backwoods roads I could find from Maryland through West Virginia and Kentucky to Tennessee and back home. Not once did I question my tire choice throughout that trip. My trip started in the rain and throughout the trip I battled some intense thunderstorms in Kentucky. I had never experienced such a heavy down pour while riding on a motorcycle. The storms were so bad that even cars were pulling off to the side of the road. I was amazed at how well the Angel GT tires were able to tread water and maintain grip and good feel on flooded streets.

I am truly impressed with the performance of the Pirelli tires. They perform great in all weather conditions and you can get some insane mileage out of them for being a performance oriented tire! What more could you want? Take a look at some sets of tires for your bike below.  I highly recommend getting a set of these tires for your personal machine no matter what you ride or how you ride it you will be impressed.

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