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Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Motorcycle Tire

The Dunlop RoadSmart 3 is an all-new freshly designed motorcycle tire. Riders looking for longevity while still providing good levels of performance. It utilizes a multi-tread compound in the makeup of the motorcycle tire with softer rubber on the side for better grip while the center of the motorcycle tire has a harder compound. The center of the tire is the portion of the tire that contacts the road surface the most, for an average rider.

Having this harder compound in the center gives a motorcycle rider the ability to extend the life of the tires for a couple of riding seasons.  If you’re the kind of rider that takes motorcycle trips and enjoys tearing up the occasional back road. A Dunlop Roadsmart 3 is for you. This is a great motorcycle tire for a wide range of bikes from heavy large touring bikes to mid-size twins and sportbikes. The Dunlop RoadSmart III offers it all.


  • Dunlop’s exclusive MT Multi-Tread™ design binds a high-mileage compound to the center, and high adhesion compound to the lateral flanks for high cornering grip.
  • New front and rear tire compounds enhance wear resistance, and include an innovative resin that increases wet grip.
  •  Rear tire profile designed to increase the footprint and improve mileage.
  • Optimized construction for mileage and wet performance.
  • New sidewall construction helps to provide superior shock absorption and precise handling.
  • Innovative new cross groove tread pattern achieves better drainage in the wet for more grip.

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