A slime tire plug kit is a must-have if you travel on your motorcycle. Those tire flats always seem to come at the worst time. If you have one of these tire plug kits, you’ll be prepared for that roadside emergency. Motorcycle Towing can be very expensive, so avoid the cost and get your self to a motorcycle service shop to properly get your flat tire replaced. This tire plug kit is small enough to fit under most back seats so it is always there when you need it.

It is not recommended to ride a long distance on a plugged motorcycle tire. It is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Tire plugs are not a permanent fix.  You should get your tire replaced as soon as possible. Looking for great motorcycle service, get a quote from AK Cycles in Gaithersburg, MD.



  • 5 plugs included
  • rubber cement to help create a tight seal
  • T-handled tools for better leverage for installing plugs