Pirelli Night Dragon Tire





Pirelli Night Dragon Tire

The Pirelli Night Dragon is a performance-oriented cruiser tire. Uses technology derived from Pirelli’s racing background to make sure you have the grip you need for those heavy V-Twin motorcycles. The Night Dragon has options that are GT cruiser motorcycle tires that offer tire compounds that are designed to maximize the life of the tire. The GT versions can be used for any cruiser motorcycle. You can mix match any front tire with a GT cruiser rear tire for those cruisers that wear out rear tires quickly.


  • New performance product range tailored to Harley-Davidson® and metric cruisers
  • Modern tread pattern combines high-performance attributes and a great new style
  • Outstanding grip at all lean angles
  • Special compounds offer incredible straight-line acceleration and traction
  • New structural designs provide great stability and comfort
  • Where applicable, radial front tires feature an optimized tread pattern for the best performance
  • Comparable mileage to OE tires, with increased performance

GT Features:

  • Up to 20% Longer lasting*
  • Advanced “Full Carbon Black” compound
  • Stiffer carcass thanks to structure stiffening and high belt tension
  • Same legendary performance, and 100% mixable with all Night Dragon front tires

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